Random terrain generator

This tool recreates the three terrain randomization methods described in the Steamroller 2019 rulebook. Pick a list of terrain elements you have at your disposal (at least 7 is recommended) using checkboxes below.

Standard terrain features:



Dense Fog

Shallow Water



Rough Terrain

Obstacle, Cover

Obstacle, Concealment

Acid Bath

Burning Earth

Custom terrain:

Acid Cloud

Burning Rubble

Burning Forest


* The generated random placement of terrain elements is just a suggestion. Feel free to adjust it if that would make sense to you. Also note that Steamroller 2019 requires terrain elements to be spaced at least 2" and elements that a model can't end its movement on and/or hazardous terrains to be spaced 5" so that a huge base can fit between them. This tool doesn't (yet) respect that restriction, so it's up to the user to fix generated placement accordingly.